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School for children with autism gets new computers
Students from Roanoke County's Burton Center donated 25 computers to the Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center.
Updated: 02/13/2019 08:01P

Running an LED in reverse could cool future computers
In a finding that runs counter to a common assumption in physics, researchers at the University of Michigan ran a light emitting diode (LED) with electrodes ...
Updated: 02/13/2019 03:22P

Questions in quantum computing: How to move electrons with light: To design future quantum technologies, scientists pinpoint how microwaves interact with matter
The Quantum Dynamics Unit traps a 2D layer of electrons in liquid helium, held inside a sealed chamber and cooled to nearly absolute zero. Inside the chamber ...
Updated: 02/12/2019 12:45P

Computers for students in Spring Hill Elementary, Middle and High Schools to be returned unless school district funds remaining $705000 of lease by May
The Maury County Public School District is continuing to investigate ways to fund its DIPLOMA program – an initiative aimed at seeing students receive their own ...
Updated: 02/12/2019 09:00A

Are smartphones, tablets and computers taking a toll on our bodies?
ASHEVILLE, N. C. - Texting on your phone or typing on the computer, it can all be a pain in the neck--literally. It's a real ailment called "text neck. " Doctors say ...
Updated: 02/11/2019 07:08P

Computers to help group's work with at-risk students
An Aurora organization that mentors at-risk school children this week celebrated getting new computers. At Risk Mentoring, a not-for-profit that caters to students ...
Updated: 02/11/2019 04:00P

Quantum State Control Process Could Speed Up Computers and Energy Transfers
A team of researchers from Aalto University has developed specialized circuitry for handling quantum tasks both quickly and carefully.
Updated: 02/10/2019 03:26P

Thieves break vehicle windows, steal computers on Near West Side: police
Parked vehicles with bags and electronics in plain sight were targeted, police said.
Updated: 02/10/2019 08:28A

Light-Based Computers Could Work 5,000 Times Faster
The clock rates of existing computers still remain single-gigahertz, but in a significant breakthrough, researchers have achieved super fast clock rates in the ...
Updated: 02/08/2019 08:43A

Secretary of State closes over long weekend to upgrade computers
You may see shorter lines the next time you go to renew your drivers license at the Secretary of State, that is after some new upgrades take place.
Updated: 02/08/2019 08:39A

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